National Center for Rights                                                                    Even if the children complain, who will listen?

The Bribe Offer:

In effort to silence Ross, and stop Ross from filing charges/testifying against Battaglia, Bennett, McDonald, Hein, Greenleaf and Murphy, Ross was offered a bribe by Judge Battaglia, Judge McDonald, Judge Bennett and their assistant Deputy Hein.  Their claim that Hein is not their assistant is sham.  MD Rule 16-711:  “…There is an Attorney Grievance Commission which shall consist of 12 members appointed by the Court of Appeals… (f) Removal. The Court of Appeals may remove a member of the Commission at any time. That means that Hein is appointed, paid, controlled and fired at any time by them. When the court record shows they conduct prior private ex part meetings the supervisory evidence is clear. 

The Court’s press release (also pictured below) announces the Court's appointment of Hein: “The Court believes Mr. Hein is an excellent choice to serve as deputy bar counsel, and will be an experienced and skilled resource as the Commission continues its work said Chief Judge Robert M. Bell of the Court of Appeals.” Judge Bell is also one of the defendants in the Nation of Islam/BCCI case. Unless the children who complained against him come forward again, Ross is required to leave him off the defendants list. 

Ross refused their bribe offer and took the fight to the US Court system believing that a rogue few could not control the whole. Judge Battaglia cannot certify anything against Ross. Since, previous to the action filed in Battaglia's court,  Ross has repeatedly testified against Battaglia in the espionage, arms, narcotics, bank fraud and human trafficking portions of this case. 
The Maryland Court attempted to remove its Press Release from the Web once Ross started citing the document.