National Center for Rights                                                                    Even if the children complain, who will listen?

Strike Force:
Hon. Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee Edward R. Royce  (center left)
Duma Representative Dr. Gamid Askerkhano (center right)
and Dave Ross (far right)

Photographs were taken  at the conclusion of the several discussions on child protection, and prosecution of USA Officials engaging in theft of USA Foreign Aid. 

For obvious reason Ross cannot discuss too much about his background and the workings of the strike team. However, this publication pictured below gives an introduction to the type of work and structure of the interagency team assignments.

These publications and original text of laws may read differently than what some media accounts report them to say. 
Fidel Castro has often made clear the relationship between the South American and Central Asian drug trade and the Islamic terrorist movements Gangsters not freedom fighters, Telegraph, Andrew Alderson, et al, 19 Aug 2001 uknews/1337893/Gangsters-not-freedom-fighters.html  see also See also,

The remaining pages of the article featured here make reference to the integration of NSDD 221 and EO 12333 as the legal basis for conducting enforcement activities. 

The remaining pages of this article are presented followed by full text of NSDD 221 is presented first followed by EO 12333.