National Center for Rights                                                                    Even if the children complain, who will listen?

3 November 2016 - keep asking journalist to print the story. No volunteers. Made significant updates the website. Since all FTP has been shut down, I can only use the primitive website builder in the package that does not work so well and experiences frequent crashes. Further, it does to allow the copy paste function. Sill ok for now, Keeping hidden. Ross' bookkeeper/ paralegal is in the hospital in the USA with a heamorrhagic fever and infection in her knee. These types of infections are very rare. We will not jump to conclusions until a full diagnosis of the strain is made. Southpaw and I are hoping for her speedy recovery. 

31 October 2016 - still in hiding. Keeping phones and electronic devices off as much as possible. Sort of a paradox when one has to update this website and make it functional. 

29 October 2016 - for those who are asking. There are many citations to the Austrian to Murphy case beside the case file listed in a public courtroom in Washington County Maryland.

See the
Where Officer Harald Gremel announced the multinational prosecution and identified 600 Americans.

Murphy was arrested in June after an investigation began through a tip from the FBI Cyber Crimes Task Force, acting on information originating in Austria.

If you cannot open these citations then go to 
the reference attachments above and see PDF number 19

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