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Murphy and Judge McDonald's Pension Fraud:

Murphy was arrested on 7 June 2007. He was arraigned in a special section in the late evening. At near 08:00 hours the following morning, McDonald then Senior Counsel at the Attorney General's office, who is charged with protecting the state from liability claims, arranged for this fraudulent pension for Murphy. Murphy's chief debilitating complaint is Male Erectile Disorder DSM IV 302.72. 

No psychologist can differentiate between stress Murphy suffered from having been just arrested as a dirty pedophile cop and having his pictured placed in the regional news, or the latent stress of a shooting that occurred three years earlier where Murphy was neither the target nor the shooter, nor the officer in charge. Murphy suffered no missed days of work in three years, sought no medical assistance, and was listed for promotion on the State Police roster on the day of his arrest. 

The doctor at McDonald's direction simply took Murphy's self reported claims the following morning and certified them in a manner that McDonald could claim that Murphy was "crazy" and therefore the children cannot sue the State for Damages. The certification was published in the newspaper, and McDonald's staff attempted to extort the State's Attorney with false claims that it could not be Murphy in the evidence. The children's attorney was forced to resign, as she did not have the evidence that the pension was fraudulent. 

Murphy's self reported adjustment disorder is well documented to have been a condition that he suffered from since he was a child and should have been found prior to his application to the police force. 

One would think this Doctor would be more concerned that Murphy has admitted a lack of interest in adult women. 
The Doctor simply embellished Murphy's self reported claims to provide what McDonald requested.  For example, Murphy clearly states he is neither the shooter, the target or the officer in charge. Murphy reports that the man fired two pistol shots that were NOT close to Mr. Murphy. Furthermore, other police officers do not shoot "Dirty Harry" style over the shoulder of other closer police officers. Police officers on a regular basis encounter situations in which they are charged with protecting others from being shot. This is their job, not Stockholm Syndrome. The notes in the doctors file above state: "taken three years to admit effect on him… was gradual effect over 3 years."

No doctor can different between stress that has taken three years to admit, and stress from being arrested the day before as a dirty pedophile cop.  The obviousness of the fraud is that there is no analysis of how that differentiation was made and no mention of the arrest in the Doctors report.
The Abduction cases are subsequent to this case see case numbers 
Maryland v. Brian Hanford Murphy 21K08040734 (Washington County Maryland 2008) 
Brian Murphy Appellant V. Washington County Department Of Social Services, OAH No. DHR-Wash 51-07-38818
Department Of Social Services V. Murphy, 21C08032004, (Wash. County Cir. Ct. 2008)

The doctor has simply embellished a story that is clearly not in his notes to facilitate a false order. The issue of Stockholm syndrome is false given Murphy was never taken prisoner. Its Murphy's job to make sure other police and civilians do not kill unlawfully. Police do this in most cities on a weekly basis. Again this is not a complaint happening, a month or so after the incident but occurring three years after no complaint, and Murphy being arrested the night before as a dirty pedophile cop. 

The motive to have certified that Murphy suffers from Male Erectile Disorder is obvious given the seizure of the photographs depicting Murphy's erection and the abducted twelve year old child.  
On 28 April 2008, Trooper Murphy admitted to perjuring himself with regard to his ability to obtain an erection. This admission was obtained in light of the court order to subject Murphy to photographic discovery. Murphy further admitted that it was him in some of the seized child pornography.