National Center for Rights                                                                    Even if the children complain, who will listen?

The Murder of Assistant US Attorney Jonathan Luna:

Ross' Case Supervisor Jonathan Luna was murdered the night/moring before bringing murder charges in court against the Nation of Islam Black Mafia Family. 

Luna was found face down in a river under a running automobile that had blood in the back seat. Bennett, Battaglia, McDonald and DiBiagio were among the last to see him alive. Each had access to the charges that he was bringing. DiBiagio and Battaglia threatened Luna with disbarment if he did not plea bargain the case.  

Bennett, Battaglia, DiBiagio and McDonald ruled it a suicide and cancelled the police investigation at the scene of the crime.  Within hours they were issuing unsubstantiated stories to Washington Post to discredit Luna.

Luna, Ross and former Congressman Drinin had worked together prosecuting the Black Mafia Family, Black Guerrilla Family, and the Nation of Islam in this child trafficking ring as a front for the Baltimore FBI and Ms. Clinton.

This article appeared two weeks after Ross made his first report to Finnish Police in a blatant attempt to discredit the prosecution.

16 months later, Prosecutor Ray Gricar who also served on this team was murdered two weeks before bringing the Penn State Child trafficking operation which also obtained kids in the Aryan Child Network 

The press does all it can to discredit the child trafficking prosecution and connect Gricar to every other possibility.