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The Nation of Islam Espionage Case:
A full description of the multigenerational espionage case is beyond the scope here. However a few highlights can be expressed. The theft of materials and technology to manufacture nuclear explosives is expressly an espionage crime since neither Reagan, the Finnish Parliament, the Finnish President, or other ranking authorities permitted Albright, the Nation of Islam, and BCCI officials to engage in such transfers of intel.
Violation of the non proliferation agreements.
The following two images are clips from a lengthy article located at The investigation files document that a Finnish Official was certainly extorted and most likely murdered over attempting to stop this espionage case operation. 

In the few days prior to 16 April 1986, a BCCI account controlled by Madeleine Albright executed several wires of small sums over the secure SWIFT system. The content of the messages were express. They urged identified P2 group members to intervene with Craxi to deny US overflight of Italian airspace and deny refueling in Italy/Sicily. The messages gave advance warning of the tactical plan. Craxi used the messages to inform Libyan leader Gaddafi.  US Captains Fernando L. Ribas-Dominicci and Paul F. Lorence  lost their lives in part to the espionage through the Nation of Islam Network at BCCI to frustrate the planning and execution of a US Military operation. When Ross was assigned the BCCI investigation he intercepted and documented these messages in the US Treasury Files. 

The P2 Group had been identified by Ross' boss Former CIA Director Colby. Robero Calvi was killed to keep the existence of this globalist front group secret. 

9/11 - Attack by Nation of Islam Members
The case of Bartholomew Boriello and Samuel (the Bull) Gravano.

The first issue of 9/11 is why did the Towers fall so quickly. In short, someone stole the fireproofing out of the building. In the early 1980's Ross examined books and records of the construction project and determined evidence that showed that more than 1/2 if not 3/4 of all of the required fireproofing to meet code had been stolen. Ross accompanied federal inspectors and helped to document their official report in the US Treasury files. This is an anti-corruption task concerning Federal and Officials who falsified their reports in the 1960's and 1970's (the decade before) to allow the building to open. Those prosecutions were ongoing at the time of Ross' work. 

The Second Part of the Case involves US Army Seargent Ali Mohamid. There is a direct nexus between Mr. Gravano, Judge Battaglia, US Attorney DiBiagio, Judge McDonald and USA Army Seargent Ali Mohamid. 

Mohamid planned much of 9/11 from his jail cell through communication links believed provided by Gravano's friends. 

A Full discussion of just how and what superior officers allowed Ali Mohamed into the US Army and a visa into the USA is beyond the scope but is the subject of the Nation of Islam Espionage Case