National Center for Rights                                                                    Even if the children complain, who will listen?

Hillary Clinton 

*   Is tied to BCCI through her receipt of money from identified felons and  and Battaglia to prevent the prosecution of the felons. 

*   Is tied to Murphy by having certified that there was no child trafficking case terminating his prosecution.

*    Is tied to the DC Madam Case where both Murphy and Battaglia are tied for using young children in compelled prostitution with the FBI for personal profit/gain and to extort US Officials and Foreign Diplomats. 

When a Clinton loyalist refused the DC Madam's Deborah Jean Palfrey, plea bargain, the DC Madam was found dead not long after. She had been hung not far from the old BCCI Tampa office. The second confirming witness, Brandi Britton was killed the year before; also  by hanging not far from the Maryland BCCI headquarters. Murphy claimed he was at the scene of the Britton murder when he discussed the details of that scene. Official documents do not show Murphy's presence.
As noted above, from 2009 - 2012 Secretary of State Clinton repeatedly certified that no international child trafficking operation had occurred despite the direct USA and Austrian police wiretaps identifying Trooper Murphy and Clerk Greenleaf's involvement. Her office repeatedly claimed that the abduction, transport and harboring of children for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing child pornography did not meet their policy definition of child trafficking. Holder's Attorney General's office refused to file charges against Murphy and Greenleaf claiming that the US Officials are immune to such charges. In fact, Holder's office gave Murphy notice of an impending search of his house that was delayed for another month. 

In 2014-2016, Ross had repeated interactions with Clinton loyalist at the State Department refusing to issue Ross a new passport and refusing to certify the child trafficking case. These loyalist will say anything to deny disrupt, and destroy any threat against Ms. Clinton. They have abandoned their oath to support the US Constitution first and not a corrupted politician or Administration. They are not stupid, they know what they do. They took a test to prove their ability to be diplomatically dishonest.    
Secretary of State Kerry makes clear that by 1987, Battaglia and staff understood the arms for drugs and kids ring was run through BCCI. The Kerry report demonstrates that the main controllers of BCCI developed around Spiro Agnew; and Agnew's new friends, the Democrats centered around Pres. Carter, (Advisor/former Defense Sec. Clifford, CIA Dir. Turner, Jackson, Lance, Muskie, Kissinger and Madams Clinton and Albright, Andrew Young (Nation of Islam), and future Treasury Secretary Paulson. 

The institution was directly controlled by felons: Gaith Pharaon, (Ex. 97) (A rogue Saudi intelligence officer and still a wanted fugitive ) Mochtar Riady, Liem Sioe Liong, Hassan Abedi, Defense Secretary Clark Clifford (Ex. 98), Madeleine Albright (Ex. 99), Jackson Stephens (Ex. 99) and others. Madam Clinton first claimed to be Pharaon’s lawyer, but then claimed to have destroyed all of her billing records. (Ex. 100) She then also was found with the BCCI teams personnel files (Ex. 101). 

Madam Clinton claim of being just their lawyer fails. First, she claims to be taking payments from these felons as their lawyer to stop state prosecution at the same time she is First Lady of Arkansas. One calls this a bribe.

Second, these identified felons as documented by the New York Times in the quote below, gave Ms. Clinton an unsecured $100,000 loan that remained unpaid at the time the US Government took over the bank. They further gave Clinton $2 million in unsecured loans.  Ms. Clinton then gave the money to her husband Governor of Arkansas and later President of the USA to prevent the prosecution of her clients.  This is what is understood as a bribe under 18 U.S.C. §201(b)(1)(c) that holds guilty any official who receives from an intended defendant “cash or benefits” to fail or “omit to do any act in violation of the lawful duty of such official or person.” 

"THE 1992 CAMPAIGN: Personal Finances; Wealthy Investment Family a Big Help to Clinton"  New York Times, JEFF GERTH, 5 February 1992. " the Clintons took out two personal loans totaling $100,000, to use in the 1990 campaign. The $100,000 notes are due on demand and have not yet been paid back. In its most recent state filings, Mr. Clinton's committee reports that it still owes the money…. Curt Bradbury, a former employee of Stephens Inc., who is now the chief executive of Worthen National Bank of Arkansas and its parent, the Worthen Banking Corporation, in which the Stephens family owns a 38 percent interest. Last month, the Worthen National Bank approved a credit line that allows the Clinton campaign to borrow up to $2 million.

The Clintons had no such credit worthiness  at the time and failed to repay these loans when the bank failed. This left the USA taxpayers holding an empty bag to had repay the depositors for the looted money.. 

Ross was one of the seizing agents and investigators assigned to the failed Worthen Bank portfolio.  

DC MADAM - links to Clinton.
In 2008, the DC Madam, Deborah Jean Palfrey, sought to plea bargain her sentence in exchange for her testimony against the FBI, Attorney General Holder and Ms. Clinton for engaging in the compelled prostitution of young children in the Aryan Child Network for personal profit, and as extortion bait against foreign diplomats and unwary and corrupted USA Officials. The DC Madam at times made the appointments for the Nation of Islam controllers of the ring from her California residence. Attorney General Holder is a noted Nation of Islam activist. See the black lives matter tab left.  One of the DC Madam's former attorneys writes: "Investigative journalist Tim Maier wrote that under-age male and female prostitutes were being used to obtain intelligence information from foreign diplomats during the December 1993 Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) in Seattle, Wash. In 1998, I filed a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request, seeking all information on the use of prostitutes as agents… In response, the FBI found a total of 250 pages…" On the previous page the book cites how the information was given directly to Clinton's Secret Service Team. pages 211-213. The nonsense of using five to fifteen year old children to spy on diplomats is stuff for disney films; not real life. Most ten year children do not know where these countries are geographically located and certainly do not know of the economics being discussed to provide any real intel value. 

The FBI office linked to the operation was the Baltimore office where US Attorney Battaglia, Executive Assistant US Attorney McDonald, US Attorney Bennett and US Attorney DiBiagio had the most influence. Maryland and DC prosecutors obstructed justice to stop Palfrey's testimony. A Clinton loyalist judge appointed a Clinton insider to serve as her defense counsel after they (and Hein) removed/ disbarred one of her lawyers. The court had seized her assets so she could not hire another lawyer of her choice. 

In March 2008, Ross was in process of negotiating that plea bargain. The Friday before the schedule meeting to finalize the plea bargain deal, Battaglia's office MRPC 6.2 Appointed Ross to serve as the criminal defense counsel for Murphy and removed Ross by court order from the prosecution team. 

The DC Madam was found dead by hanging a few miles from the old BCCI headquarters in Tampa. Another witness, Brandi Britton was found dead by hanging in Maryland a few miles from the BCCI DC Offices the year before. Both their deaths interrupted their scheduled testimony in court in the following weeks. Bennett, Battaglia, McDonald, and their assistant DiBiago refused to file criminal charges or open a grand jury investigation in the case.  

Trooper Murphy's links to DC Madam/BCCI
Trooper Murphy's original alibi was that he was at the Brandi Britton murder scene and therefore not with the children. Murphy is not listed on any official documents, but described the scene in detail. The Murder occurred in a neighboring Maryland County and a Washington County officer should not have been there. 

Trooper Murphy's passport also revealed several trips to Medillin Columbia. Murphy claims he was a tourist. Murphy was unable to identify friends or family there. Murphy's badge can easily allow him access through a Maryland Airport. Murphy's contacts with the BCCI cartel are well established.