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Bio - Weapons/Espionage:

The theft of Biological Weapons Material from a Secure US Military Facility is expressly an espionage offense. Bennett, Battaglia and McDonald refuse to allow the prosecution of themselves, Madam Albright and Madam Clinton for their role in the sale and DELIVERY  of these weapons. 

Clinton's claim that such weapons were not delivered does not reconcile with the Islamic Militants that were arrested and sentenced for their participation in the delivery and installation of such facility in Iraq. See paragraph 3 and 4 below. Argument that this is a BCCI bank case is quite an absurd misdirection.

Note: the judge uses the word "purportedly" because he cannot reconcile the delivery of mortar casings and other military materiel as having a "veterinary" purpose. None of the defendants can describe a "veterinary" use. The trajectory codes for non solid projectieles, stolen from USAMRIID computer, make clear the true purpose of their acts. 
In November 1988 Arch Trading entered into a $1.9 million contract with Agricultural Supplies Company, a "quasi-governmental body owned by the government of Iraq" (Agricultural of Iraq), to ship to Iraq and install there laboratory equipment, including a "virology fermenter" and a "bacteriology machine," purportedly for veterinary use. Payment by Agricultural of Iraq to Arch Trading was assured by a $2 million irrevocable letter of credit issued by Rafidain Bank of Iraq and performance by Arch Trading was guaranteed by a letter of credit issued by the Commercial Bank of Kuwait. To secure that letter of credit, Arch Trading was required to deposit $200,000 with the Kuwaiti bank.

From April 1990 through July 1990 Arch Trading acquired the equipment and related chemicals and arranged for their delivery to Iraq. By early August 1990, five of a planned six shipments had arrived in Iraq, but none had been installed. The sixth shipment, which was never actually delivered, was en route. On August 2, 1990, when Iraq invaded Kuwait, President Bush, invoking the powers given him under the IEEPA, issued Executive Order No. 12722, 55 Fed.Reg. 31,803 (1990), prohibiting United States persons from, among other things, exporting goods, technology, or services to Iraq; performing any contract in support of an industrial, commercial or governmental project in Iraq; and engaging in any transaction related to travel to Iraq by United States persons. At Arch Trading's request, that same day the Treasury Department's OFAC faxed a copy of the Executive Order to Arch Trading's offices. A week later the President issued a slightly more detailed order, Executive Order No. 12724, 55 Fed.Reg. 33,089 (1990). Both executive orders were formally implemented through regulations published in the Code of Federal Regulations, 31 C.F.R., Pt. 575.

Notwithstanding the prohibitions of the first executive order, two executives of Arch Trading Immediately attempted to enter Iraq via Cyprus to install the laboratory equipment that had already been delivered. When that effort failed, Arch Trading retained a Jordanian firm, Biomedical Technologies, Inc., to perform the installation. One of the Arch Trading executives who had earlier attempted to enter Iraq later joined Biomedical employees in Baghdad to help coordinate the installation, which was accomplished between October 24 and November 2, 1990. The travel expenses of both the Arch Trading executive and the Biomedical Technologies employees were reimbursed by Arch Trading, on authority of its president, Kamal Sadder, and upon completion of the installation, Biomedical Technologies was paid a bonus.

Arch Trading then sought to recover the $200,000 which had been deposited with the Kuwaiti bank to secure the letter of credit guaranteeing contractual performance, submitting backdated documents which falsely represented that contractual performance was completed on July 24, 1990, before the embargo of August 2 was imposed. Arch Trading also asked Biomedical Technologies to backdate its confirmation of performance
The following document describes the theft of Anthrax included in the 27 specimen flasks containing ebola, anthrax and other hemorrhagic fever agents. This theft weaponized the Islamic Militant equipment that was installed in the above case. 
The following Washington Weekly article describes the deployment of an Anthrax weapon shortly after the theft upon one of the lead Arkansas Police Detectives prosecuting Clinton on the BCCI case.
Iran Contra Investigator Lawrence Walsh is reported in Wikipedia and elsewhere to have had Battaglia on his staff assigned through Senator Mikulski's office. Together they filed false charges against Bush and several of his staff two weeks before the election.  see the brief for citations.