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Attempted Murder

On 30 August 2008, when Ross was returning home after preparing Murphy's plea bargain naming Judge McDonald, Deputy Hein and Clerk Greenleaf as coconspirators, was Ross struck by a vehicle at high speed while he waited for a red light. 

The documents and computer were taken from Ross vehicle. Ross' wallet, watch and other case file transport boxes were not taken.  

Some of those documents were later located by law enforcement in the possession of Judge McDonald and Deputy Hein. 

The driver of the vehicle despite failing an alcohol test and having priors for Alcohol and narcotics received a $200 ticket. 

The driver was linked to Nation of Islam Little R gang that had raped and filmed the rape of 15 year old child. 

The police car video of the occurrence of the crash was ordered destroyed prior to any court actions.

The police officers were not permitted to testify against the driver.  

Ross is now accompanied by a medical service guide dog as a result of this attack. 
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