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Claim 7: False Charge of Forgery:

Judge McDonald falsely claimed that Ross forged the billing records to pretend that Murphy had five cases and three probation violations. 

McDonald claims he can rely on Murphy's testimony despite:

1) Ross' bookkeeper testified she prepared the bills
2) Ross' paralegal testified she observed Murphy getting the bills
3) Murphy's sworn  testimony to his bank that he depleted his SECU bank account by paying legal bills. 

Instead, McDonald claims that because the address at the top of the 30 June 2008 bill reflects Ross' home office instead of the commercial office location (Ross and the landlord both had options in June to cancel the lease) all the bills must be forged. McDonald has offered Murphy a complete refund from the taxpayers if he testifies against Ross. 

Ross would not come to court for five minutes for Murphy unless Murphy was paying the bill

The Subpoena Receipt issued by the Court and payment check on 25 July 2008

The Court has no basis by which to assert clear and convincing evidence against Ross to claim that the bills were forged by Ross.  

The Court knows that everyone will rely upon their power and reputation rather than the evidence to perfect its fraud. 
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