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Time, Billing and IOLTA Accounting Records

The court asserts that Ross kept no time, billing and IOLTA Records. 

The Court lied.

The Court discusses Ross' daily time sheet records in its written opinion. One quote by the court reads:

"by a May 8 “contact sheet”—described by Mr. Ross as a contemporaneous recording of client interactions"

Therefore the Court expressly admits that Ross kept daily time sheets.

Given the statutes, the only documents that Ross is required to keep in 2012 of the 2008 Murphy billing are the IOLTA account ledger showing deposits and withdrawals reconciled to Murphy's billing and every other clients' billing, as supported by the daily time sheets. 

Under the statute, in May 2010, Murphy and Hein cannot challenge Murphy's 2008 billing. 

Ross' IOLTA Accounting is impeccable:

Receipt of the billing is confirmed by the Murphys in their sworn statement to their bank

Ms. Murphy's Testimony on 29 July 2008 confirms she sold her home to give the money to her husband to pay legal fees. Her testimony demonstrates she knows how much those fees are.
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