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False Claim 3 - The money was for the House purchase.

The Murphys both testify on multiple occasions that the $93,000 was for the purchase and closing of the West Virginia house. This is false because there are no provisions in the contracts or communication from the Settlement attorney hired by the Murphys to handle the closing of the house on 14 November 2008. Remember the $85,000 payment is tendered in July 2008. After being confronted with the house papers, the Murphys changed their story to claim that they gave the money to Ross to put in a "personal trust" in Panama without any documents, signatures, named trustee, or beneficiaries. 
The reason that the Murphys did not get to purchases this home is that Murphy had committed Mortgage Fraud. That means they do not qualify for ANY mortgage.  Note that this is an existing Construction Loan. Murphy was caught when it had to be rolled over into a Federal Mortgage. 

The Murphys confirm that the money paid Ross is not for the house.
The House contract does not contemplate a $93,000 payment.  There are three payments contemplated by the contract from the Murphys to the settlement company. Two payments constituting the down payment equalling 5% of the purchase price or $19,000. Checks #1: $8,000 and Check #2: $11,000. 

Check #3 for the taxes and closing costs $6,244. The contract provides for the builder to pay the remainder.

The TBD Amount is plainly listed on the Check for $6,244 above

The Settlement Company sent no message about the $93,000
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