National Center for Rights                                                                    Even if the children complain, who will listen?

Physical Attacks by State Officials and 

the Sham Disbarment of David A. Ross 

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The Physical attack on Ross will be dealt with in the last sub-tab

Judicial Attacks:
Maryland Nine Members of Bennett, Battalgia, McDonald, Hein, and Kemp have been involved in a series of disbarments on sham grounds to protect the Nation of Islam and this child trafficking ring from prosecution. A common theme is forgery fraud and perjury by these State and Federal Officials to derail the prosecutions. They are listed left in the tabs.

The disbarment opinion is written by four judges that Ross had - previous to the filing of the disbarment proceeding against Ross -- testified against for public corruption, child trafficking, child sex trafficking, murder, narcotics, arms, bribery and extortion etc…, Therefore retribution is easily proved.   

The issue of the judges conflict of interest is presented in a tab left below. 
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