National Center for Rights                                                                    Even if the children complain, who will listen?

The Aryan Child Network

In 1980, law enforcement first identified the Aryan Child Networkwhile investigating the murder of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl. That murder investigation then reached Chicago, Illinois Houston/Dallas/Waco Texas, Baltimore Maryland, Omaha, Nebraska, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Rev. Gerald Robinson was convicted in 2006 after reopening a child trafficking case for the murder of Pahl. Robinson had carved a frequently found symbol in Pahls chest during her brutal rape and murder. 
Several of the rescued children identified SS Nazi Satanic rituals. Some of those children interviewed were able to identify from a pool of photographs several wanted Nazi War Criminals.  One that they were able to identify is the Butcher of Lyon, Klaus Barbie. 

When law enforcement approached the Pres. Carter's Justice Department, Ms. Albright interceded and demanded that no action be taken. In 1983, Barbie was finally arrested. Barbie asserted his immunity with documents signed by Carter and Albright. Barbie also turned over large amounts of documents from BCCI where Albright has transferred money to support his activities, and corporate holdings. Ross' job in 1983 was to help catalogue and make copies of those documents. 
Also in 1983, the US Congressional Page sex scandal broke. No one was prosecuted for the compelled prostitution of young children under the age of 18. No one can consent to prostitution.  Many of the pages reported seeing other children.
In the early to late 1980's the Catholic Church's Nebraska Boys Town Child Trafficking case was reported. This case linked Boy Town, Bank of Credit and Commerce through a controlled entity called Franklin Savings and the Chicago domestic terror organization the Nation of Islam. Laurence E. King (not the Broadcaster). King went to jail for $38 million in embezzlements to fund himself, and the Nation of Islam. King is described as one of the most brutal of pedophiles. "Allegations of sexual abuse first emerged in November 1988 during a National Credit Union Administration investigation of unrelated financial irregularities at the FCFCU, at which King had worked for 18 years."

So when the newspapers say it is a hoax, look at who is saying it is a hoax, and the evidence against their denial.
Ross worked on the assembly of some 20,000 documents filed in court specifically identifying political officials, children, phone records, credit card receipts, cancelled checks, and the several frontmen who scheduled the appointments.   The Washington Post and other Albright influenced media (she controls the NEWSDAY empire) spent significant press to discredit the children. Several testified to being in the White House, NATO Headquarters in Belgium, and the SAC Airbases.

Midwestern children can not identify who works where and in what building in secure facilities let alone, the difference between Bolivia and Belgium. The phone records, credit card receipts and cancelled checks make clear there was probable cause to arrest. Instead, only the phone operators were arrested. 

Several Children report being extorted by Battaglia, Bennett, and other members of the FBI. Battalgia would only release stories to attack Bush and not the real perpetrators. The children's attorney was threatened with disbarment and to "stand aside." Gary Caradori was killed in a plane crash with his son. The FBI took over the NTSB investigation. As long as the children were talking about Reagan and Bush, they would report the case. Once they talked about Democrats, and the Nation of Islam then they refused to print the story. 

The Children's Attorney John Decamp opens his book with the following quote describing a discussion between CIA Dir. Colby “What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people … that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are … or how much evidence you have. That is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face. … But it has not killed you up to this point. I am telling you get out of this before it does….” See, The Franklin Cover-up, Child Abuse Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, John W. Decamp AWT, Inc. 2011. (Ex. 77)   Colby shut down all investigations (despite the obvious murders) to protect the Clintons from charges. Ross was transferred to another assignment for Colby. 

Again Battaglia, Bennet, and McDonald said that children, photographs, bank records, and photographs were insufficient probable cause to arrest any of the perpetrators. 

The Baltimore Catholic Church and Mosque #4.

From 1985-1991 Ross served with several teams to locate abducted children used in the ring. Ross had taps on accounts at BCCI used by Judge Burrell, Judge Battaglia, and Madeleine Albright. These accounts paid for airfare, hotel, and documents (visa, passport etc..) for the children to arrive to the USA. These accounts also were used to wire money to the Finnish judge for his participation in changing the guardianships of the children so they could travel on Finnish Passports. Ross used the purchase of "Hot Pizzas"  from the accounts to locate the children in Baltimore area churches and mosques. Ross served primarily on the team focused on the churches.  

St. Luke Institute:

As identified in the Boston Globe Article, the St. Luke facility was where the priests who were facing charges of child trafficking, child abduction, murder, and rape were sent by the Catholic Church to be protected from prosecution. There as successive Judges and Assistant US Attorneys and US Attorneys, Bennett (1976-1980; US Attorney 1991-1993)  Battaglia (1978-1982 , special litigation 1984-1988; Department of Justice Chief of Criminal Investigation 1988-1991, US Attorney 1993- 2001) - McDonald (Executive Assistant US Attorney 1980-1988; Maryland Attorney General Senior Counsel)  and DiBiagio US Attorney  1991 -2005) protected all the priests from prosecution. Either through plea deals, or just plain refusal to cooperate with local police. Without search warrants, rights to prosecute, the US Treasury cannot file charges. The FBI was purchasing the children from the Nation of Islam and the Church. 
Assistant US Attorney Luna. 

In 2002- Jonathan Luna began a series of investigations to open a grand jury on the Baltimore Church involvement child trafficking. Ross was assigned to Luna as a trial expert. Former Congressman Drinan (Priest) also assisted in providing evidence to the prosecution.  Luna was killed and Battaglia ruled it a suicide. No man found face down in a river under a running automobile that has been near castrated, stabbed 30+ times, and his throat cut in the back seat of that automobile has committed suicide.  Battaglia, Bennett, McDonald and DiBiagio were among the last to see him alive.

Battaglia often joked that anyone who did not obey her would pay the ultimate price. Normal adults do not joke about such threats. Her quote is: "she who must be obeyed."
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